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​Building construction 

Land preparation work

Foundation construction (Slabs, monoliths, block foundations)

Load - bearing masonry work for walls and partitions

Roof construction and paving construction

Window and door installation 


Interior finishing work

Construction of internal partitions

Gypsum assembly

Filling and painting works

Laying of floor coverings


Construction of engineering communications

Internal communications:

Water supply and sewerage system

Heating construction

Electrical construction

External communications:

Water supply and sewerage works to the building

Electrical installation works up to the building

Gas pipeline construction

Outdoor finishing works

Building insulation

Facade finishing works

Road construction works

Paving works

Fence and gate installation


H&D Virsmas-Bruģēšanas darbi.jpg
Vannas istabas renovācija Siguldā

Full cycle bathroom renovation

Creating 3D plan design

Dismantling of the old bathroom

Tiling works

Vinyl flooring

Plumbing and sewerage

Painting work

Electrical installation

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